La Bella Vita Montessori

We have a convenient location in Omaha, Nebraska. Our beautiful, modern and peaceful facilities provide a quality Montessori education.

Our highly qualified Montessori-certified teachers are dedicated to promoting independence, self-motivation and an insatiable love for learning that prepares children for future success. The Montessori method grabs your child’s innate love for learning and creates an environment for them to become enthralled. This is where the best learning takes place and students ‘absorb’ things as opposed to simply remembering them.

We foster imagination, fun and liveliness. There is no shortage of laughter and smiles as the children enjoy such activities throughout the year as cooking, baking, gardening, yoga, PE, art classes, family gatherings, and use our Nationally Certified Nature Explore classroom.

Children are surrounded by gentle teachers and respectful peers and enjoy a safe environment in which they can fall in love with learning as well as with themselves. Our diverse culture encourages harmony, mutual respect and celebration of humanity.


Our students are confident because they have first-hand information. The Montessori Method encourages youth to grow through self-motivation, independent thinking, and taking on big challenges. As a result, students are lifelong explorers and more self-sufficient.

Strong self-esteem.

LBV students have a comfortable sense of who they are from the different learning structure here. Through the encouragement to inquire and explore, they learn about themselves as well as the world around them.

The ability to think critically.

Rather than being told, our students explore and ask questions. With this strategy, students are nurtured to think independently and be more resourceful while learning.



Multiage classes allow teachers to develop close and long-term relationships with their students, allow them to know each other’s learning style well, and encourage older students to become role models, mentors, and leaders to younger students.

Integrated curriculum is carefully structured and connects subjects within programs (e.g., history and cultural arts to maximize the opportunity for learning and builds from program to program to progress from concrete to abstract learning).

Independence is nurtured and leads to children becoming purposeful, motivated, and confident in their own abilities.

Peace and conflict resolution are taught daily and children learn to be a part of a warm, respectful, and supportive community.

The child creates, in a very real sense, the adult that is to be, through his/her experiences, interactions, and environments. Character development is a central focus of the Montessori curriculum.

Hands-on learning is central to the curriculum in all programs and leads to children being engaged rather than passive with their work.

The environments are responsibly and carefully prepared with multisensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials to support self-directed learning.

Teachers and children and teachers and parents work together as a warm and supportive community.

Deep respect for children as individuals.

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