Art is one of the many ways children use to express themselves. Art is a way for children to communicate their feelings. It is through art that children develop their fine motor skills. At La Bella Vita Montessori, we provide open-ended art activities that help children explore and use their creativity. When it comes to art, it is the process not the product that is important to the child. Once a child creates something, they do not feel the need to keep the product. It is the process that gives them satisfaction and inner joy.

Art along with all areas of the classroom, gives children a solid foundation for future growth. Through art, they are exploring, creating, expressing, and developing their sense of self. At La Bella Vita, we provide a rich art area in all the classrooms. They have their choice of medium as well as any supplies for gluing, cutting and more. In addition to having an “art” area in the classroom, we prepare children for both writing and expressive drawing by providing materials they can freely choose throughout the entire classroom. Children are encouraged to explore outline and color with the Metal Insets. Children spontaneously decorate the borders of their papers (in Math, Language, Sensorial). When children write in their journals, they often illustrate the story. When they do research, children draw a picture of their subject.

In addition to art in the classroom as well as the outdoor classroom, we bring in an art teacher for both the Early Childhood and Elementary programs weekly. Our art teacher gives process base projects that explore different techniques and artistic styles. They also study artists from around the world, famous works of art and give the children the vocabulary to fully grasp art appreciation. They also talk about inspiration, discover mood, play with color, notice the small details, do self portraits and work with clay.

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