Physical Education

Movement is an important component of the Montessori curriculum. Within every classroom, each student can move to do his/her work and can be found stretched out on the floor reading, doing map puzzles, or doing pretend play. Maria Montessori was concerned that preschool children, whose body proportions are still larger in the upper body, should be spared the rigors of strict physical workouts. She believed that a young child’s legs could be damaged by forced physical activity. She basically believed in free play – that it was a great way to help a child to develop muscles and coordination and run off extra energy. At La Bella Vita Montessori, outside play is incorporated into the school day every single day.

A formal Physical Education is provided to Early Childhood and Elementary students weekly. Here at La Bella Vita Montessori, we create unique PE lessons inspired by Montessori materials and lessons. Since there is no standard Montessori physical education curriculum, leaving teachers and PE instructors in the dark on how they should teach this vital component of education for a well rounded student. We aim to create lessons that are easy to learn, teach fundamental movement patterns and skills, and reinforce Montessori concepts learned in the classroom. Development of gross motor skills, coordination, self-confidence, cooperation, team building, and good sportsmanship are emphasized.

Students learn basic skills and games in a supportive atmosphere that encourages each student to do their best. Our highly trained PE Teacher incorporates games that get their body moving, as well as covering the basics for football, basketball, soccer, baseball and yoga. Our goal is that each student develops a life-long appreciation of the importance of physical exercise and activity.

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