Parent Testimonials


5star Our daughter started here in the Toddler Class with Miss Ali at 18 mo and just moved into the Primary class 18 mo later. Miss Ali has played an integral role in our daughters overall development. Our daughter has learned so much in regards to educational areas but more importantly, independence and life skills. Miss Ali helped us potty train Chloe as well! I don't know what we would have done without her guidance. Our daughter adores Miss Ali and has enjoyed her class so much. She has grown and matured significantly since being under Miss Ali's wing and we cannot thank her enough. Miss Ali is one amazing teacher! Our son is in the infant room and we can't wait for him to have Miss Ali as a teacher as well! Miss Pam is the head teacher in the infant room and we have had a great experience with her thus far as well with our son. It feels great to have a teacher who loves and cares for your child as much as you do. Miss Pam is simply a wonderful, caring teacher and she is passionate about her job. We are very thankful for her as well. The facility is incredibly clean, tidy, organized and well managed too. We had been to another daycare with our daughter before we came here in 2015 and can confirm there is a vast difference between a daycare center and Montessori school all around. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have our children here. - Julie B.

5star I have to say that this place is awesome. It's been 2 months since my daughter started school here and it's been just great. Ms. Ali and Ms. RiLee are super caring and loving teachers. So much so that my daughter loves going to school. In fact there is a smile on everyone's face in the school, whenever I go to pick and drop my daughter. I feel so proud when I see my 2 year old doing routine work by herself. It makes me happy to see that she is learning so much. I am just glad that this will always be remembered as the first school she went. - Aishwarya P.

5star We love the care and education that our kids receive from La Bella Vita Montessori. The teachers care about my children as if they were their own and show them so much patience, love, compassion, and guidance. For the last three years, these awesome teachers have helped my kids grow in their interests and strengthen their passion for learning that I hope continues with them all through life.- Rachel C.

5star I have sent my 2 older boys (now 6) and because of their amazing education and foundation of learning, I started my infant here this past fall. I cannot say enough amazing things about this place. My 5 year old twins started there in August 2015. At that time, they were always called "the twins" and every other school program lumped them as one. I had no clue what each individual needed for educational direction. Within a few months, the boys were excited about reading, taking on new chores with the practical life learning, and growing as independent learners. There is not a teacher I don't LOVE. As with all schools/daycares, communication is key with staff and leadership. I have had to have difficult conversations with the director and owner. In all situations, I have felt that the school has had the best interest of my children in mind. I recommend this team to anyone considering Montessori education! - Kelsey H.

5star How can I describe how amazing this place is. Love the teachers the place is always impeccable. My daughter has learned a lot. The owner and staff are wonderful!!! Great place to invest the education of your children. - Gaby P.

5star The primary room has been a great place for my son to break out his shell at his own pace. In just a few short months he has become even more independent, curious and outgoing. Love seeing him with his new friends and how excited and proud of himself he is to show off the works all the time. At dinner we all have to say what best part of our days were and his is always "going to preschool!" :) - Blair B.