Infant Classroom

La Bella Vita Montessori School offers an exceptional setting for your infant. With the introduction of our Montessori Infant Program accepting children beginning at 6 weeks of age, we are providing one of the most unique, high quality programs available anywhere.

The differences between a quality childcare program and a Montessori Infant program are significant. Starting your child in Montessori education from the beginning will produce life-long benefits.

Our experienced Infant/Toddler Montessori Certified Teachers provide personalized and loving care for every child. Close communication between parent and teacher is essential and helps us provide individualized care for your child. We view our relationship as a partnership—we are equally invested in your child’s happiness, well-being and development. Parents are invited to visit during the day, we respond to all “check in” calls with detailed information, and you leave with a daily report sheet that records feeding times, naps, changes, and highlights from the day.

Infants are acutely aware of their surroundings. Research indicates that the most important years of human emotional and educational development are the first six years of life. Physical development and mental development are closely linked during this period and infants respond well to external stimulation which lays the foundation for absorption, concentration and learning. We are deeply committed to these developmental principles. Within our school, infants and beginning walkers enjoy freedom of movement, discovery, and interaction, as they develop gross motor skills as well as independence and confidence. As part of the Montessori curriculum, infants dabble with art mediums, clap and move along to music and songs, read books, and are provided work that encourage sensory and motor development. They also enjoy outdoor time every day that weather permits.

What makes La Bella Vita Unique

We support the breast-feeding of our infants and encourage mothers to come to the school any time they wish to feed their infant. We also are happy to have our infants use cloth or disposable diapers. When children begin to eat solid food they will be provided with high quality organic and non-GMO foods along with Organic Vitamin D Milk after they are 12 months old.